ActingOnTheWeb.com Acting is a strange profession in that you are expected to be good at it with or without any experince or trainning.

Here are some comments of AOW member actors:

"AOW is a great way to prepare for acting espeically if you cannot attend live classes like myself ebing on the somewhat remore island of Bermuda. After reheasing monolgues for many hours, and having Frank as a coach over the past few years has been a tremendous resource."

Oleg Razinkov, Bermuda. New

"I got accepted to RADA*!! And they also offered me and the other summer school students to take the Shakespeare certificate, which they said would prove helpful when applying to drama school! Thank you and AOW."

Rune Heggedal, Olso, Norway. New

DIRECTOR'S NOTE: The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts is one of the worlds best drama schools in London, England. -- Congratulations Rune!

"As a beginner there is a lot of resources for me to read through. I really like the unrestricted format which allows me to learn in my own way and at my own pace. The video review is probably the most valuable tool I got from the website and has definitely taken my own perspective of acting to the next level. Thanks"

Cielito Villanueva. New

"I was originally going to be playing a security guard with one line in the movie I told you about. But I have been upgraded to one of the featured characters playing opposite Blair Underwood. The movie is called, Straight Out of Compton This is a fabulous role for my first major exposure. Your help has been so invaluable; please offer any further bit of advice that you may have..."

Arron Patton.

"I 've got it ! Yes, a role in a "Short film " so called " THE INCAUTIOUS BURGLAR" from John Dickson Carr (1940). You've taught me so much in the short time that I have been using your site. Just want to say thanks again!!"


"But with regard to the benefits of your class, the value comes in the doing. I have found through engaging in the process of becoming a working actor, that anybody can do it. It just depends on the intention. All of the other stages of the process, including the actor's talent, can be acquired and accessed if they are willing to engage in the step by step process, as prescribed by industry professionals such as yourself, Frank.

Arron Patton.

Frank,thank you for your helpful advice and constructive criticism on the taped monologues. I have gained the confidence to secure my first extra role (and stand-in)in a feature film and I am thirsty for more."

Joe Abbot

"Thanks a lot! You really helped . I am sooo much better now!"


"Thank you for this site, I've looked at others and they don't look as helpful."

Ian Radford

"I haven't learned about acting from anyone else than you, your site and the movies you said I should see...have been a great help, especially your e-mails!!"

Rune Heggadal

"I will say this... Is the tape still rolling... I wouldn't be here unless I respected you, and liked you and had very rich times talking about acting with you."

Dabney Coleman

"You taught me so much in such a short time that I havebeen using your site. Thanks again!"

Brian Meservey

"This is a great site!!! And I love your acting tips!"

Natalie, Middlesex, England

"I am already amazed as the content of the site--from only the first page! Wow..."

Lisa Jones

"Wow Thanks to your quick and helpful reply to your Actors Manager. So far I'm impressed!"


"Your Actors Manager e-mail actually gave me so much confidence that I did something that I haven't done in two years that I have been out here in Hollywood. I went to Central Casing and signed up yersteday. By yesterday afternoon, I was booked to be an extra on a new piolet for Monday, and today, I got a job for tomorrow for a CBS series. I am HYPED!"

Beverly Arden

"I finally got my mom to agree to signing me up on this site a couple hours ago. What I have read in the little bit of time, I have learned more than when I have taken acting lessons for weeks at a time. You have made a great site here."


"I used your "I Quit" monologue on an audition and nailed it. Thanks for the vote of confidence."


"I just wanted to thank you for all of your support in getting me started with acting. Its been something I've wanted to do for the longest time. I can tell you are a great director as well as someone with a lot of performing experience so I highly value all of your advice. The lessons I've learned from you continue to inspire me to work on my craft."

Elise, Washington State

"I tell everyone I know who wants to act about your helpful site. I sense you are sincere and truly care about us aspiring hopefuls."

David Christian

"I am really impressed by this website. This is what I have been looking for the past 5 months."

Haleigh McCall

"Thanks for the auditioning tips! I auditioned for a talent show at the local theater and the director said "I'm in!" I remembered the tip you sent and made sure I used it. I'm glad I am a member."


"This site is great! I've loved movies with all my heart for as long as I can remember. Trust me, I could go on for hours, yet I never thought acting was for me. Until now! This site really inspired me! Thanks!

Elizabeth Wesley

"This by far has to be the best acting tip ever! (#2 the one on dealing with fear) Thank you very much."

Paris, Texas

"Thanks for your reply. I think the AOW web site is brilliant! It's so helpful."

Alexandra Bryne

"I'm 15. This web site is great. I've been looking for tips for almost a month on the net and this is the best site I've visited."


"I wasted money on classes that would have stupid exercises like "be a spoon" "become a tree". I like what I read at your site. You definitely seem to know what you're talking about and I wish I had learned with you 20 years ago."


"I'm a great natural actor, just one of those people that can naturally act. But I just need pointers to improve, and where and how to ask for work? Thank you. Your monologues are great! They really work!"


"I am really interested in acting and want to learn all that I can. Thank you for this site. It's great!"

Kevin Antonovich

"It is nice to know that there are people willing to help out aspiring actors. Your site is one of the most helpful and resourceful sites on the web. Believe me I have searched for other sites like yours and I have not seen any."

Allison Kotsay

"I recently received your Acting Tip#2...Thank you so much for taking the time to send it to me, and you can be sure that it will help me since I have an audition for a movie this Saturday..."


"Thank you for this site + tips I am eager to learn more!"

Toria Gomez

"Thanks again, I love the sight."

Jade Smith, Utah USA

"I printed out your scripts and I'm gonna have fun practicing them. This is a good website and my first attempt at pursuing acting. Thanks!"

Jeanvieve Chirco, Holland, MI USA

"My check's in the mail(really!) Thanks for creating a great website!"

Chas Charvat, Los Angeles CA

"It's 4:36 in the morning and I haven't gone to bed because I have been looking through your website; man, you're a hero! I actually downloaded two of the site's recommended monologues earlier today while at work, I'll start working on them pretty soon. I also came home and put together a little experimental resume with the help of your "send photo and resume" tips. Thank You very much Mr. C. What the hell, I'll say it again... you're a hero!"


"This web site has given me a good understanding of what it takes to be an actor and what I need to do to become one."

George Citrowski, Niceville FL

"You're site is awesome, the best on the web."


"I think this website is the most useful website I have found."

Shanna, Hesperia, CA

"Also, I've been told that it is so important to get years of training as an actor, but there is one problem: I practically live in NoWhereVille, NJ! How am I supposed to find training and such around here? And where do I start with trying to fulfill my dream - I am glad I found your site!"


"I only know "The Lee Strassberg Theater Institute" and "The American Academy of Dramatic Arts" in New York. The problem is that they are both very expensive. Your page is great and I hope that I can fulfill my dream with your help!!"

Note: Frank Cavestani studied with Lee and won a scholarship to AADA


"Thank you for all the help I have received so far on this site. It is amazing thing that is being done here on the Internet."

Garden Grove, CA

"I want to thank you so much for your advice and the whole website. It has really helped me a lot! The "actor's state of mind" is getting a lot easier and it's a really neat feeling!!!!"

...This site is really helping me understand the concept of real, true acting. Thanks! "

Vanessa, Houston TX

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