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Jane Jenkins

Jane Jenkins has cast over 170 major features films and Television shows. Hear what she has to say about learning to act on the internet and auditioning over the internet.

James Franco

AOW James Franco took acting classes with Robert Carnegie at Playhouse West. Acting is a craft that you can learn -- if you study. AOW can teach you the basics of acting over the Internet today! Join Now! Why let another year pass?

First Step

Acting On The Web is the First Step! Acting On The Web has the answers for you. On line! This site is not full of buy book ads and "come ons" but packed with real knowledge that you will keep for a lifetime. Try us for thirty days or your money back if you don't learn plenty about how to act. You will talk to a professional via email 24/7, giving you the advice and direction you need to become a professional actor.

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Free Acting Tips

AOWLearn how to become an actor! Get answers to all your questions about an acting career use our Actors Manager.

Acting for stage and films. Learn the basics now to nail that first auditon tomorrow!

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Video Tape a scene for our Acting Class! See if you got what it takes to act ! Start to Become an actor tonight!

Learn the secret the pros know! Use our "Actors Manager." Get advise and plan a career. Do a scene for our director and learn acting like a professional. Over come your acting fears. All here on AOW today. What It Takes

Like an Acting School on line. Most people are actually too scared to make the moves to become an actor. They just dream about it. That ok too. We guarantee that if you love acting and really want to learn we can really teach you the "acting state of mind"

Face your ACTING fears and conquer them TODAY!
AOW - Acting Class on line Read what others have to say. What we teach really works! Learn how the pros think. Get your acting evaluated. Read and learn how other professionals made it as actors in the Testimonials section.

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Dabney Coleman

AOW Dabney Coleman gives AOW an insightful and very honest interview for its members. Telling us how he got started and how he never stops working as an actor.

Lee Strasberg

AOW Lee Strasberg, the Godfather of acting in America, one of the founders of the Actors Studio and my acting teacher along with Paula Strasberg and Harry Mastergeorge.

"The extraordinary thing about acting is that life itself is actually used to create artistic results. In every other art the means only pretend to deal with reality. Music can often capture something more deeply than any other way, but it only tells you something about reality. Painting tells something about the painter, about the thing painted, and about the combination of the two. But since the actor is also a human being, he does not pretend to use reality. He can literally use everything that exist. The actor uses thought---not thought transcribed into color and line as the painter does, but actual, real thought. The actor uses real sensation and real behavior. That actual reality is the material of our craft."

Lee Strasberg, Actors Studio Session, New York 1960's

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Acting On The Web is the first step! This site is not full of buy book ads and "come ons" but packed with real knowledge that you will keep for a lifetime. You will talk to a professional via email 24/7, giving you the advice and direction you need to become a professional actor. Acting Class-on-line.

Once you become a member you can use the Video Review section to upload a video of yourself to the director for review.

People expect you to be good at acting even if you have never acted before. Why? Acting is just being human, right? It should be easy to do? If it was so easy everybody could do it and they can't! Right? Why? Fear for one! Second lack of knowledge. Acting is a craft that can and must be learned.

"I double dare you to become an actor. Take that first step and join the most exclusive community in the world, that of professional acting."

Frank Cavestani, your director at AOW.


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